Collection: Daffodils and Narcissus Spring Blooming Flowers

Daffodils come in so many different colors and sizes.  We offer over 30 different varieties for sale.  There are varieties that produce flowers as big as your hand, and others that are miniature that have multiple flowers per stem.

Butterfly daffodils I think are my favorite.  These have a split cup in the center of the flowers which lays almost flat rather than the trumpet look.  

Colors range from the traditional all yellow to pink, orange, apricot, white, lime green, red some even have black in them.  

Take your time looking!  Narcissus are self naturalizing and multiply on their own like crazy.  Plant in batches of 5 bulbs per hole to give a bouquet look in the garden.  

If you don't even know where to start, buy one of our blends that offer different types of daffodil bulbs that are mixed.  Such as our 'All Spring Mix' or 'Ratatouille Blend' 

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