Croton | Codiaem Variegatum

Croton | Codiaem Variegatum

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4.5" Container

The croton plant originated in a tropical environment, so it favors a warm, humid environment. The soil in which the croton is planted should remain moist but not constantly wet during spring and summer when the plant is growing. Feel the soil and if it is dry to the touch, it may be time for watering. In a dry environment, the croton may require misting to maintain healthy leaf growth.

Much like with other plants, watering croton plants can be a delicate science. The croton plant requires frequent watering, but be sure not to over-water. Too much water can cause root rot, but too little water can dry the humidity-loving plant out. You can use new croton foliage as an indicator of water needs, as it will begin to wilt when thirsty.

Ships in a plastic nursery pot. Pictures show 4" specimen. Some natural variation in size and appearance may occur.