Collection: Tulips, Daffodils, Peonies and other Flowering Perennial Bulbs and Bare Roots

Nothing says spring more than tulips and daffodils.  We offer over 100 varieties of tulips for sale.  Probably do to my lack of self control because I think they are so beautiful.  And possibly because my birthday is in May.  

Tulips are broken down into several different varieties due their  bloom time and growing behavior.  The early blooming single tulips are the easiest for forcing if you want blooming tulips in February inside rather than waiting for May.

Then there is Mid-Spring bloomers and finally late bloomers.  Most of the double flowering tulips that look like a peony are late blooming bulbs.  

If you can't decide were to start, check out the blends.  There are usually two to three different tulips per blend.  The are complimentary and bloom at the same time.  For the look of a bouquet of flowers in your garden plant 5  bulbs per hole.  

The exotic looking tulips the have a ruffled edge are called Parrot Tulips.  These bulbs usually have 3 colors per flower which is SO beautiful.

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