Hanging Air Plant Jellyfish | Live Plant

Hanging Air Plant Jellyfish | Live Plant

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This is a living plant.  A tillandsia that has been glued into a Sea Urchin Shell.  Once hung up it looks like a Jellyfish.  

Look fabulous as individual hangers or as a stunning grouping with multiples, its a great unique gift.

Plant Size: Large

Note: Please remember that each air plant is unique in it's own way and may vary slightly from the images shown. We do our best to provide each of our customers with the healthiest, best looking plant possible. It's 100% normal for some leaves to have minor leaf imperfections or color variations. When ordering a flowering plant, we try our best to ship the plant prior to blooming so that you can enjoy the full length of the bloom cycle.

Each plant is well taken care of and ready for a good home. Care is easy, all you need a good spot with indirect light, and a douse of water once a week or so. One thing you do not need is soil! Don't worry, a care sheet is shipped with every order.

We will pick the healthiest plant we have and ship it to you. Please keep in mind that these are live plants, it might be a good idea to ship to your place of business when possible so you can open them up right away.

Each purchase comes with care instructions so you can learn all about your Air plant, or give them away as gifts.

Please remember that each plant is unique and can vary in size and color from what is shown in our photos.

Since these are live plants. Most orders will ship on Either Monday or Tuesday after an order is placed. I try to minimize the possibilities of over the weekend stays in the Post Office. This also ensures a safe arrival.