Allium Schubertii

Allium Schubertii

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 This Allium adds a new dimension with fine-line explosions of color. A rich rosy pink / purple in a fireball of bloom. 5 count Deer Resistant

Each flowerhead contains as many as 50 small, rose-purple, star-like flowers which bloom at the ends of pedicels of varying lengths (fertile ones to 4" long and sterile ones to 8" long). Seed heads dry after bloom, and can be left on the plant for ornamental reasons or picked for flower arrangements. Dried seed heads that fall off the plant will tumble along the ground with the wind spreading seed as they go, hence the common name of tumbleweed onion. Leaves and bulbs have an oniony aroma when cut or bruised.

The beauty of the small lavender flowerheads of chives have always been a decorative highlight in herb gardens. But in recent years, gardeners have become fascinated with the larger Alliums, particular the giants. As always, the Dutch hybridizers took them into their stocks, and now we have a whole group of beautiful new flowering onions for gardens. Most bloom in late spring so they bridge the gap nicely between the tulip season and early summer bloom of peonies and poppies.

Experienced gardeners plant these giant Alliums in groups of several bulbs, set very close together. The foliage is not attractive for long, so it's important to plant them next to other perennials whose foliage will more or less cover the Allium's base. This way, the wonderful flower stalks rise up and tower over the other flowers for a wonderful period of bloom.