lime green and burgundy striped butterfly amaryllis Papilio Hippeastrum
Butterfly Papilio Amaryllis White and Burgundy flower with lime green striped.  2 flowers per stem

Amaryllis Bulb 'Papilio' Butterfly Flower

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The most famous of the exotic Amaryllis, the name “papilio” is French for "butterfly. With its large, bright-lime green and dark red veins, it creates a unique pattern on each petal. This rare variety is slow-growing, producing 2-3 dramatic and lovely blooms per stem, but it’s well worth the wait.

Name: Amaryllis Bulbs - Papilio
Botanical Name: Hippeastrum
Life Cycle: Annual
Bulb/Tuber/Root Size: 24-26 cm Circumference
Light Requirement: Full Sun, Partial Sun
Planting Season: Fall
Features: Container Garden, Cut Flower Garden
Color: Red, White
Blooms: Winter
Plant Height: Up to 24 inches
Plant Spacing: 2 inches apart
Planting Depth: Top inch of bulb should remain above planting material