a bright blend of tulips and daffodils.  Hyacinths and grape hyacinths included. Colors range from white, yellow, pink, organge and gold.  Single and double flowering daffodils

Bulk 25 count Blend of Trumpet Daffodil and Tulip Bulbs 'Ratatouille'

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 A perfect blend of flower bulbs for beginners.  Like a steamy, hearty meal on winter's night,  this blend of delicious colors will warm your heart.  These tulips and daffodils will bring years of enjoyment!

Mid spring bloom, 25 count ratatouille mixture of tulips, hyacinth, grape hyacinth and daffodil bulbs.  Single and Double flowering daffodils included. 

  • A mix of the most common daffodil and tulips 
  • A variety of size and colors of flowers
  • Bulbs that will bring several weeks of color to any garden or flower bed.

The individual bulbs have a different bloom time from the others. This makes the Ratatouille blend perfect for where a long bloom time is desired. Bulbs are pre chilled and ready to force

 In the mix

Find stems with one bright yellow flower, and also see bulbs with several flowers on one stem. A mix of yellow, orange, red, purple, white, and green foliage shows its smile this Spring.