Tillandsia "Victoria" Air Plant

Tillandsia "Victoria" Air Plant

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Tillandsia "Victoria" is a beautiful air plant that is currently in bloom.

The leaves are green with a pink flush.  The blooms are a deep violet, almost blue flower.  During or after the blooming period the plant will make new babies along the base call pups.

Air plants like to be misted 2-3 times per week, more often if they are in a desert-like environment.  The grow in the branches of tree and get all their water and nutrients from the rain water in rain forests like Costa Rica.  When Victoria is in bloom it does not like to be soaked in water, spritz only.

They will thrive in indirect sunlight, or even fluorescent lighting making them ideal for for your desk at the office. Ideal temperatures are 60 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

I do not recommend city water.  Distilled water or collected rain water is even better!