Congress Daffodils.  Split cup butterfly daffodil.  bright yellow petals with bright orange center

Pre-Chilled Butterfly Daffodil Bulbs - Congress Split Cup Flower

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These Narcissus 'Congress' daffodil bulbs for sale have an apricot cup with a gold base that is split wide open and lays flat against golden-yellow petals. The dramatic coloring shows up against dark-green foliage of these yellow and orange daffodils. A true show stopper for anyone walking by! Height 16-18".  Bulb size: 12-14cm.  'Congress' Narcissus daffodil bulbs Bulbs are pre chilled and ready to force

Bloom Height

16 inches

Bloom Time


Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower color orange /yellow
Plant Depth

4 inches