Hippeastrum Double Aquaro Amaryllis.  Double white flower with red striping.
bare root amaryllis bulb.  'Double Aquaro'

Double Amaryllis Bulb 'Aquaro' with White and Pink Flowers

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Luxuriant double blooms in a charming striped pattern
When the cold days of winter come to call, the chances for enjoying homegrown blooms are few and far between. Forcing tender tropical bulbs indoors gives you the same feeling you get from seeing the first spring bulbs or summer perennials appear in your outdoor borders or feature gardens. Aquaro is a lush, double variety with huge, 7" blooms. Its supple, white petals are brushed with deep pink streaks. The first of up to eight flowers will appear 6-8 weeks after planting. Blends seamlessly with nearly any indoor décor and stands out amid the holiday greenery and darker hues. With proper care, Aquaro amaryllis can be forced year after year. Ships as a 24-26 cm bulb.