Butterfly Flower Daffodil bulbs | 'Love Call' Narcissus

Butterfly Flower Daffodil bulbs | 'Love Call' Narcissus

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This daffodil is as eye-catching up close or from a distance.  Ivory petals surround Love Call's ruffled, bright orange center cup. Semi-cut corona giving it the puckered ruffle look.  Pair it with trumpets and doubles daffodil bulbs for a pretty combination of colors and flower shapes.  Split Corona daffodil is sometimes call a butterfly daffodil. Bulbs are pre chilled and ready to force

Vibrant Spring Color
Deer Won't Eat

Blooms Midseason

5 Bulbs Included

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Growing 16" tall, it's a strong performer in sunny or partially shaded

It can also be forced and grown in containers.

As a cut flower, it is long lasting and eye catching. Like other daffodil varieties,

A limited supply of this daffodil, or narcissus, is available this fall. Bulb size: 14-16 cm.