Basket of nice slicing cucumbers.  Organic the seed double most other cucumber in fruit yield

Double Yield Pickle Cucumber Seeds | 25 Count Slicers

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This variety was introduced in 1924 by Joseph Harris Company of Coldwater, New York, with the claim that “the remarkable thing about this new cucumber is its wonderful productiveness. For every pickle that is cut off, two or three more are produced.” Gardeners today love not only its productivity but also its crisp and juicy texture and melon-like taste. A very early pickling type, this variety bears fruits that are best for canning or fresh eating when 4-5" long. Early- to mid-season maturity. 50-60 days to harvest.  Double Yield Cucumber Seeds


  • Organic
  • Uniform 6 inches long fruit
  • When one fruit is harvested, 2 or 3 more are produced
  • 50-60 days
  • Packet of 25 seeds