Double White picoted amaryllis bulb with 7 flower heads  Elvas
'Elvas' Double Amaryllis Bulb Hippeastrum

'Elvas' Double Amaryllis Bulb Hippeastrum

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Luxuriant double blooms pop with rich pink accents 1 bulb
Snow-white petals are blushed a vibrant magenta-red and outlined in red. Picoted
When the blooms of this amazing tropical bulb pop open in winter, you'll be blessed by layer upon layer of soft and silky style. With a lush, island-inspired form and an elegant, yet oh so striking colors  Elvas Amaryllis is sure to have plenty of attention each year. Velvety white blooms are edged and highlighted with a vivid magenta-red hue that really catches the eye. And thanks to its vigorous habit, you'll be enjoying Elvas' beauty a mere 6-8 weeks after planting.