Exotic Flaming Parrot Tulip Bulbs - 5 bulbs

Exotic Flaming Parrot Tulip Bulbs - 5 bulbs

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Beautiful yellow flowers with red flames on the fascinating tulip bulbs.  What gives a Parrot Tulip its name? Take a look at these stunning Flaming Parrot Tulips and the answer is easy - the feathered and ruffled edges of each petal resemble the wings of parrots. With their bright sunny yellow petals with random blood-red flames and yellow bases, they'll definitely add a tropical flair to garden borders and beds. As the flowers mature, the bright sunny yellow slowly transforms to creamy white with brilliant red flames.   Tulipa 'Flaming Parrot'

5 bulbs included Bulbs are pre chilled and ready to force

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  • Hardiness zones 2 to 8
  • Plant will grow 18-22" tall