blue flower petals with a gold ball on top that hold sunflower seeds with a green stem that hooks into a tree branch.
bird feeder in the shape of a flower.  Red petals with a gold ball in the center to hold sunflower seeds.  There is a green stem the bends up and hooks into a tree branch or a shepherds hook.

Elegant Hanging Flower Bird Feeder for Cardinals Purple or Red

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This is a true piece of art for your garden.  A metal sunflower feeder for cardinals that hangs in the trees.  

16" X 16" X 17"

*PLEASE NOTE: To help retain the original colorful finish of this product, we recommend periodic application of a sealer such as clear Polyurethane if it will be left outside over winter.

This may be sent FedEx or UPS ground. If you have a PO Box, I need a street address as well.