dark blue and sky blue colored grape hyacinth flowers 'Latifolium' Hyacinth Bulbs for Sale

Pre-chilled Grape Hyacinth Bulbs | Latifolium

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Deer resistant, Muscari latifolium is native to pine forests in Turkey, this species of grape hyacinth is a perennial bulb that is perhaps the largest of the muscaris, typically growing to 12” tall. It is distinguished by the fact that each bulb produces a single bicolored flower raceme that is encircled at the base by a solitary basal leaf. Each scape is topped in early spring by a conical raceme (to 2.5” long) of tightly packed, urn-shaped flowers. The lower fertile flowers on the raceme are dark violet and the upper sterile flowers are a soft violet blue, giving each raceme a somewhat two-tone effect. The dense inflorescence purportedly resembles an elongated, upside-down bunch of grapes, hence the common name.  20 bulbs included

This genus name was formerly viewed as a subgenus of the genus Muscari which comes from the Turkish name recorded by Clusius in 1583. Possibly from the Latin word muscus in reference to flower aroma.

Bloom Height

6  inches

Bloom Time

 mid spring

Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade



Plant Depth

4 inches


 12 per