Pre-chilled Grape Hyacinth 'Color Festival' Muscari

Pre-chilled Grape Hyacinth 'Color Festival' Muscari

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These grape hyacith bulbs feature appealing pastel bloom stalks atop straight stems. Muscari 'Color Festival' Mix contains a mixture of pink, white, light blue, and dark blue blooms, all that emit that sweet fragrance.  Muscari bulbs bloom in spring, making fine companions to daffodil bulbs.  25 bulbs included.

Muscari bloom at the same time as Daffodils, their deliciously fragrant spires thriving in both sun and partial shade. Muscari 'Color Festival' Mix naturalize quickly  in gardens, meadows, or woodlands.  They would aslo look great in a rock gardens.

Not only all that, they also make gorgeous cut-flowers.  Grape hyacinth can be used for indoor forcing -- they truly are all-around wonderful flowers!

Just 6 to 8 inches high, they are ideal beneath trees and shrubs as well as among larger spring-blooming bulbs, although they look fantastic in loose sweeps all by themselves as well. Plus, they are deer resistant and drought tolerant. Handy, hardy, and vigorous, they tolerate practically any soil (except wet, swampy areas), and seem to live forever! These bulbs are so winter hardy and easy to grow, no garden should be without them!

Plant bulbs two inches apart for the fullest display. Keep the soil moist during the spring growing season. The bulbs are dormant during the summer, but they will send up grass-like leaves in the fall, which is perfectly normal. Don't cut or mow it until it gets browned by the frost. Zones 3-9.