Hyacinth Bulbs 'Woodstock' Burgundy Flowers that smell wonderful
Hyacinth Bulbs 'Woodstock' Burgundy Flowers that smell wonderful

Hyacinth Bulbs 'Woodstock' Burgundy Flowers that smell wonderful

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Rich violet-purple hyacinth bulbs, almost maroon in color. Very full, tight flowers.

Fragrant Hyacinths colors are bright and lasting; size and fragrance are outstanding. Hyacinths can be used in many ways; in formal beds or groups, or very effectively in informal ways-scattered in the border between ground covers and perennials or in small clumps in front of evergreens. These purple hyacinth bulbs are excellent for window boxes.

Beautiful colored blooms complimented by a sweetly smelling scent make hyacinths a favorite choice for many gardeners. Spectacular when planted alone but hyacinths also feature well when planted in flower beds containing tulips and daffodils. Flowers bloom early in the spring with some later varieties showing color towards the middle of the season. A rather strong naturalizing bulb and missing from the menu for deer and rodents, Woodstock hyacinth bulbs are easy to grow and care for.

Wild hyacinths, like tulips, are native to the area surrounding Turkey and were brought to Western Europe for commercial cultivation during the 16th century. These Woodstock hyacinth bulbs must be planted in the fall so that they can flower in the spring. A single flower is produced from each bulb along with 7-8 glossy green colored leaves. Common as a garden cultivar, hyacinth stems can also be cut and the fresh flower placed in a vase for indoor color and fragrance. And for individuals looking for some indoor color during the late winter months, hyacinth bulbs are a solid option for forcing.

Bloom Height

10 inches

Bloom Time


Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower color purple
Plant Depth

4 inches