peony shaped tulip flowers.  Double white center with gren and pink petals.  5 bulbs included.  Ice Cream tulips

Pre-chilled ready to force Ice Cream Tulip Bulb | Double Peony tulip flower

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These Ice Cream Tulip Bulbs have white petals emerge from a base of deep pink petals. The blooms of these double peony tulip bulbs do not open completely giving the impression of an ice cream cone. 4" in diameter flowers.  

5 bulbs included Bulbs are pre chilled and ready to force

One of our most popular late-flowering double tulips. Due to the fact they are so large, these ice cream tulip bulbs need to be protected from hard rains and strong winds for the pest performance.

A perennial favorite, these spectacular blooms are also known as peony tulips due to their large number of petals.

Sporting vivid colors atop tall stems, these beauties offer a long-lasting accent.

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