King of the Stripe Purple Crocus Bulbs

King of the Stripe Purple Crocus Bulbs

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A special treat for pollinators in early spring.  It's not spring until the crocus blooms appear, and if you've got King of the Striped, it's going to be an especially lovely season. The beautiful bicolor pattern makes this pop against traditional monotone crocus blooms. 20 bulbs

It's a small plant, just the right size for a decorative pot or naturalizing in large drifts. Put it in a spot where the grass grows slowly, and while the grass is still getting ready for its season, King of the Striped will keep the area beautiful. Early pollinators will be happy for the food source, and when this crocus draws butterflies in, they'll be sure to visit your other early blooms too! It grows and naturalizes so easily, coming up and multiplying year after year with very little maintenance on your part. Also, deer hardly ever touch this crocus.

Bloom Height

3 inches

Bloom Time

very Early-spring

Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower color purple
Plant Depth

2 inches