white ceramic koi fish on metal stake with red dots
ceramic light blue koi fish on metal stake with dark blue dots
Orange ceramic koi fish with red dots on metal post
green ceramic koi fish on metal stake with dark green dots

Large Colorful Ceramic Koi Fish on Stand

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 Bright colors oversize ceramic koi fish bring brilliant hues and a sense of motion to borders, beds, and the bases of trees and shrubs.  Inspired by the real fish you see in koi ponds, they are sculpted in ceramic and glazed to a high gloss. They are mounted on metal stakes. The appearance of movement these fish create can be traced to their tails, some of which bend in one direction with others going the opposite way. Arranged in a group, with some of each, they appear to be swimming. Perfect as a school around spring-flowering bulbs or a birdbath, adding the bright koi colors to a bed of Hosta, a succulent garden, a gravel garden or dry stream bed. Nature inspired pond fish. 

  • Handmade so some variation will occur
  • Weather-resistant and can be left outdoors year-round in all climates.
  • Made of ceramic with stainless steel stakes for display
  • fish measures approximately 18" long x 8" tall x 5" wide
  • Made in USA