Large Greek Head Planter David Face Flower Pot

Large Greek Head Planter David Face Flower Pot

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Our Large Greek Head Planter is 11" tall and made of Cement.

 He is pretty awesome. There is a tint of green mixed into the concrete to give it a weathered look.

He comes as the planter only, without the greens. Great to design for each season inside or with just real succulents or artificial. Whatever you want to take care of.

He can be left outside during the summer, I would not leave it out in the winter.

Perfectly imperfect, You may notice some minor imperfections such as bubbles, voids, and pinholes. These imperfections bring out the natural look of our brutal concrete object.


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  • Roughly,  1" tall
  • 7" wide
  • 9.5" deep
  • made of concrete