Narcissus 'Palmares' Bulbs | Apricot Butterfly Daffodil

Narcissus 'Palmares' Bulbs | Apricot Butterfly Daffodil

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Palmares bulbs have ivory white perianth, loosely frilled, apricot-pink corona with darker tones at the rim. Stunning mid season daffodil flowers. 5 bulbs included.
Frivolous flamboyance. Butterfly Daffodils are elaborate flowers where the corona or trumpet is split to form a ruffle. This ruffle makes the flower appear to be double. For this reason they are also known as Split Corona or Split Crown Daffodils. But we like the more romantic term Butterfly Daffodils as they look fabulous fluttering in the spring breeze. The blooms come in an impressive color range.
Daffodils like plenty of sun and a well drained soil. It is a good idea to prepare your soil before planting by digging through some well rotted manure or compost a few weeks prior to planting. This will improve drainage and add nutrients to the soil, giving your Butterfly Daffodils a good start.

Deer resistant

Bloom Height

16 inches

Bloom Time Mid-spring
Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade

Flower color white and pink
Plant Depth

4 inches