Orange 'Royal Centennial' Tulip Bulbs | Double Coral Peony flower

Orange 'Royal Centennial' Tulip Bulbs | Double Coral Peony flower

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This double tulip is like a bowl full of intense, fiery, fringed petals. And on the outermost petals, a green flame makes a beautiful accent. While the blooms have a lot of look to them, the stems are relatively short, so you can plant it in containers and put a little flair anywhere it's lacking. This variety has very good substance and stays tall even in poor weather.

Centennial Tulip is a fast grower, jumping up in borders and rock gardens with ease. It's also a great addition to your cutting garden, these full, eye-catching flowers are sure to cause some doubletakes.

5 bulbs included Bulbs are pre chilled and ready to force

Hardiness Zones  3-8

 Mature Height 10-14 inches

 Bloom Time Late spring (May)
 Light Requirements Full Sun, Half Sun / Half Shade

One of our most popular late-flowering double tulips.  Due to the fact they are so large, they need to be protected from hard rains and strong winds for the pest performance.

A perennial favorite, these spectacular blooms are also known as peony tulips due to their large number of petals.

Sporting vivid colors atop tall stems, these beauties offer a long-lasting accent.

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