Pre-chilled Scilla Spring Bulbs peruviana | Portuguese squill

Pre-chilled Scilla Spring Bulbs peruviana | Portuguese squill

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Scilla peruviana, also known as Portuguese squill, is a spring-blooming bulb with lavender-blue flowers that are quite striking. The head of the flower can be the size of a softball, with star-like florets that open gradually over a period of 3 weeks or more. The plants have long leaves similar to a hyacinth, 14" flower head.  Stems 1/2 the size.

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2 bulbs included. Perennial  Zone 7-10

How to Plant Scilla Peruviana
In the wild, scilla peruviana bulbs grow at or just above the soil surface. To mimic these conditions, plant the bulbs shallowly so the very tip of the bulb is right at the soil surface. The bulbs should be spaced about 8 to 10” apart.

In colder areas, Scilla peruviana grows best in containers. Plant the bulbs shallowly and fertilize before and immediately after flowering. Once the foliage fades, stop watering and put the pot in a protected area where the soil will stay relatively dry. Bring the container indoors in the fall to protect the bulbs from cold.