Altrust daffodil bulbs produce a single 4" flower that has gold outer petal and a bright orange ruffled corona.

Small Cup Daffodil Bulbs | 'Altruist' Narcissus Orange and Red

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 Altruist boasts a small, dark red cup surrounded by exquisite roughed petals in a copper hue. The solitary, 3–3½"blooms of this showy daffodil are perfect for naturalized areas or cutting gardens. Also adds interest to cut-flower bouquets.

Plant these beauties with late-flowering tulips and early roses. Or combine them with bleeding hearts, euphorbia or lady's mantle to create a striking display unique in its diversity of colors and forms.

5 Bulbs Included Bulbs are pre chilled and ready to force

Growing 20-24" tall, it's a strong performer in sunny or partially shaded

It can also be forced and grown in containers.

As a cut flower, it is long lasting and eye catching. Like other daffodil varieties,

A limited supply of this daffodil, or narcissus, is available this fall. Check out the 1000's of spring blooming bulbs we have for sale in our bulb collection