Banana Shaped Orange Sweet Peppers.  Tequila Sunrise Pepper seeds.  USDA Organic

Tequila Sunrise Organic Sweet Pepper Seeds

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Ornamental plant with delicious fruit. Carrot-shaped 5" long peppers are borne on sturdy plants. Organic Tequila Sunrise Fruits ripen from deep green to golden-orange. Firm crunchy flesh is mildly peppery and sweet. Delicious as a frying pepper or eaten fresh. 60-78 days from transplant. Sweet.  Organic sweet pepper seeds from Seed Savers Exchange.

  • Organic
  • Fruits ripen from green to orange
  • Carrot-shaped fruits grow to 5 inches
  • Firm crunchy flesh is mildly peppery and sweet
  • 60-78 days from transplant
  • Sweet pepper

Packet of 25 seeds

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