cute round yellow fruit.  Lemon cucumbers

True Lemon Cucumber Seeds

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Miniature cucumbers that taste like lemon.  'True Lemon' has a lemon-like appearance.  Seeds are from Seed Savers Exchange.  'True Lemon' Cucumis sativus

This rust- and drought-resistant, highly productive variety is a popular market cucumber in Australia, where it is also known as Lemon or Garden Lemon cucumber due to its lemon-like appearance when ripe and its slightly citrusy flavor. Easy to digest and well-suited for pickling and fresh eating, it was listed in the 1894 catalog of Samuel Wilson of Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania. 58-70 days to harvest

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  • Fruits resemble a lemon
  • Faint lemon flavor
  • Extremely productive
  • Rust and drought resistant
  • 58-70 days
  • Packet of 50 seeds