Apricot Impression Tulip Bulbs

Apricot Impression Tulip Bulbs

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These apricot impression tulip bulbs are best for coming back each year. These apricot-and-pink blooms are not only stunningly beautiful, they are larger and longer lasting than other apricot-colored varieties.

Features to Note

 Good for Cut Flower OK in Containers

Tulip General Information

Darwin tulips have large brilliantly colored blooms. Their strong stems and beautifully shaped flowers make them ideal for cut flower arrangements.

Tulip Plant Care

Plant in well drained soil at least 6" deep and 6" apart. Foliage should not be removed until withered as energy is being stored for the next growing season. Stems can be cut back to maintain appearances if desired

Bloom Height

22 inches

Bloom Time

Mid-spring - 

Light Requirements

Shade, Sun, Sun/Shade



Plant Depth

4 inches