Viridiflora Tulip Bulbs |  'Spring Green' Tulips
Viridiflora Tulip Bulbs |  'Spring Green' Tulips

Viridiflora Tulip Bulbs | 'Spring Green' Tulips

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To our eye, the combination of ivory white and apple green feathering in Tulip 'Spring Green' absolutely gorgeous. We can't imagine any gardener wouldn't want these in their garden or a bouquet. Late bloomer.  5 bulbs included.

Viridiflora as the name suggests, their flowers are green, often in combination with a second, complementary color. The varieties we offer are late blooming, and they look simply spectacular in flower arrangements.

 Tulip is an enormous genus, consisting of approximately 75 species. Tulips are native to areas including the Middle East and the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. These regions have long cold winters and hot, bone-dry summers, and these are the conditions in which Tulips perennialize (or, in other words, return year after year) most successfully. In North America, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to replicate these climactic conditions, and as a result, we recommend that most Tulips are treated as annuals. Plant the bulbs in fall, enjoy their colorful blossoms in spring, and when the flowers subside, remove the plants, including the bulbs, and compost or discard them. The advantages to this ritual are three-fold: You won’t spend weeks of spring waiting for second- or third-year Tulips that don’t bloom; you won’t spend weeks eyeing yellowing and decaying Tulip foliage in your gardens; and you can look forward to the considerable delight of choosing new varieties, colors, and forms each season to refresh your display.

All that said, there are a few Tulips that are more likely to perennialize than others. Species Tulips, sometimes referred to as “botanical Tulips,” have smaller, somewhat wilder looking flowers than the hybridized goblet forms, but they are more forgiving of milder climates, and they are known to return for two to three years in a favorable site. Long-stemmed, goblet-shaped Darwin hybrids have been bred to offer multi-year performance, and Fosteriana Tulips generally return for up to three years (and sometimes more) under ideal conditions.

 Tips for Good Tulip Culture


  • In the fall, plant Tulip bulbs in a sunny site with very well-drained soil.
  • Plant the bulbs at least 6” deep so they stay insulated through the winter but remain cool as temperatures begin to rise in spring. (Bulbs that are kept cool in spring tend to blossom for a longer period.)
  • Treat most Tulips as annuals. Enjoy the flowers in spring, and when they subside, remove the entire plant, including the bulb, and compost or discard.
  • Choose Tulip varieties for next spring, and plant them in fall.  

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