Van Gogh Art Wax Amaryllis Bulbs
Van Gough Designer waxed amaryllis bulbs for sale.  No water or dirt need to grow these.
red designed wax coated amaryllis bulb for sale.  Van Gough.  Red was with stripes of white and black was making it a piece of art.
Van Gough designer wax coated bulbs.  Amaryllis flower.  This bulb is coated in white was with red and black swirls of was on the outside.  No water necessary to go this.

Van Gogh Art Wax Amaryllis Bulbs

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Van Gogh would be jealous he didn't think of making the wax coating on an amaryllis this beautiful.  Choose from Boudreaux, Black or White piece of art. These jumbo bulbs are carefully coated in protective wax that seals in all the moisture and energy needed to grow. Simply sit them in a well-lit spot and wait for the magic to begin

Within 4-6 weeks, each bulb produces 1-2 stems with 4-5 blooms per stem--no staking required!   Always 2 stems per bulb.  Mystery color on the flowers.  No water needed.

Waxed amaryllis are truly one-of-a-kind gifts that will be remembered for years to come!

Note: There is very little chance this amaryllis will bloom again after the first bloom time. However, it is possible to help it bloom again by removing the wax layer and planting the bulb in the ground.