Succulent Success!

Ready to start your own succulent garden?   There are endless choices and themes! 

From cement head planters, wrapped hands, undersea themes with coral look alike plants, you can set yourself up any kind of succulent garden in pots, planters, fairy gardens, wheelbarrows, and indoor windowscapes.   Let's start with the basics of succulent growing success, and then look at some great inspirational pieces to get you started! 

Drainage is very important to succulent success, so pick a planter or pot with a drainage hole, or drill one with a mason bit (go slow!)  Next add in some stones in the bottom and a mesh screen to aid in good drainage.  A cacti (we sell cacti soil mix at the store) or succulent potting mix is great, and if you cannot find any, make your own!  This link by Al  gives us lots of great information on well draining potting mixes you can make yourself:

  • 1 Part Pine Bark Fine
  • 1 Part Turface 
  • 1 Part Crushed Granite

If your succulents can live outside year round, use a 1:1 mix of Pumice to shredded Coco Coir as your planting medium.  

Choosing your planter or pot, and the succulents you want to nurture.  There are as many shapes, sizes, and colors of succulents to choose from as their are unique planters and pots!  Avoid any succulents that have been painted or dyed, as it interferes with the growth habit.  Succulents need LOTS of sunlight to keep them from bolting and getting leggy.  Pick a planter or pot that fits the sunny location you want your succulents to live. 

Below are some succulents our team member Kris planted!  

 I just adore the oak leaf and floral motif in this planter!

Did you know people take their plants and planters on vacation with them?  Especially if you bring your camper with you!  This is a perfect camping companion packed into a VW camper! 

Kissing heads are one of our most popular planters.  They come with or without red and red glitter lips and are shipped all over the world!   What would you plant in your kissing head planters?   Herbs, vining plants like wandering jew, and a few succulents are a great combo for texture and color!


Staying on the head planter theme, this bright eyed piece reminds me of princesses and I would pop some black twisted horns in with the plants.  Can you guess which character I think she looks like?  Her fern adornment allows you to keep your ferns in check instead of a rampant spread for a fun shady selection.  See a collection of unique head planters here

And finally, our glitter kissing lips head planters!  You can change the whole mood by adding more heads, or changing out the plants you choose!  

Come in and see us for a wide selection of succulents from babies to bigger than your head, in every shape, color, and texture you might imagine!   We have a potting area and will assist you with picking out a planter, putting in the cactus soil blend, and selecting the succulents!   See you soon!  

~ by CM