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We have Indoor or Outdoor head and face planters that are truly unique. Including  women Goddesses:  Greek, Roman, Medusa, Concrete Head Planters.  What ever you want to name them it is up to you.  We have large head shaped face planters as well. The Greek Goddess Aphrodite is one of the most popular head planters we carry.

Ceramic pucker up kissing lips, Grecian lady heads pots, Small to Extra large pots for your garden or porch.  We also have a variety of large 1/2 face planters as well. Just the eyes and nose, or just the nose and lips.  You choose your favorite head flower pot.

Our Easter Island Head planter is very popular.  The girl with the red lips and kissing face is our Number one seller.  We have shallow planters for succulents and some Extra large Zen planters that could hold a small tree.  Most of these can be outdoor head planters or but bring them indoor for cold winters where it freezes.  

We carry a large happy Buddha face planter, a concrete cherub shaped planter plus several full bust planters.  Not everything is listed online...We work hard daily to add items to our website for you.!

The ceramic  or concrete face planter pots can easily have holes drill into the bottom for drainage with a diamond tip drill bit.

Ever changing selection of head pots in our head shaped & ceramic face flower pot collection.   Favorite this link to your browser.  Check back often to see what is new.

We will soon have a blog on these wonderful & unique head shaped planters.  It is fun to see all the different styles and designs available.  We have several unique concrete heads at our retail store for sale that are too large or heavy to ship.  They may be featured in our upcoming blog.

Succulents are by far the most popular plant that people use today.  However, corkscrew juncus is a pretty fun and eye-catching plant to incorporate  I like to mix them up,  doreanthus is one of my favorite plants to mix with succulents.

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