Mini Ceramic Blue Cat shaped Planter
Ceramic succulent planter make of terra cotta with a chicken face
mini white mouse planter perfect size for succulents.  White glaze over terra cotta
Rooster or Chicken shaped ceramic planter.  White with red accents, perfect size for an air plant or succulents
Mini air plant holder or succulent planter.  White and black striped fish shaped planter.  Black lips
Blue elephant shaped terra cotta planter for succulents.  Trunk is up for good luck.
White llama or deer you choose!  Cute terra cotta planter with glazed body.  The horns and feet are unglazed a nice minimalistic look and flare.

Mini Ceramic Animal Planters for Succulents

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These mini animal ceramic planter come in several animal shapes. Elephant, llama, cat, fish, mouse, chicken and rooster are perfect size for succulents. They add a stylish touch to your home and office décor. Add a playful element to your décor with this planter Perfect for interior and exterior décor.

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Sizes:  llama/ deer  Size: 2.6" Dia x 4.7" H

Cat:  Size: 4" X 3"

Fish:   2" Dia x 2.2" H

mouse:  Size: 4" X 3"

Chicken / Rooster shape: Size: 2.4" X 3.3"

Chicken Face:  Size: 3" Dia x 3.6" H

Elephant:   Size: 2.6" X 3.9"