Copper metal rain chain with cut out hummingbirds  in between bells with a metal circle around the bells.  There is a bell at the bottom of the rain chain.
Hummingbird Outdoor Rain Chain | Unique Garden Art Rainchain

Hummingbird Outdoor Rain Chain | Unique Garden Art Rainchain

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 Graceful hummingbirds perched on tiny branches, delicate wings outstretched.

This Flamed Steel  Hummingbirds and Bells Hanging Wind Chime Ornament,  lovely sculpted details and a enchanting, iridescent finish. Simple circles surround each of its four bells, which chime softly when breezes blow.

5" X 72" 

Each is a unique work of art and will vary slightly.  Perfectly imperfect   We have the largest selection of Eclectic Garden gifts. 

When you make a purchase from a small business someone (ME) does a happy dance 

Makes a great gift


PLEASE NOTE: To help retain the original finish of this product, we recommend periodic application of a sealer such as clear Polyurethane if it will be left outside.
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