I'm have one of those days where I just want to say 'Fuck You' and grab a couple beers, and deploy the emergency slide....  Blue sky with a little girl dressed in an adult suit holding a jet...Matching red envelope

Grab a couple beers & deploy the emergency slide Note Card Snarky Greeting Card by Erin Smith

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Having a bad day?  This will put a smile on anyone’s face! Grab a couple beers and read our collection of funny cards by Erin Smith Art.  

Outside:  I'm having one of those days that I want to say "Fuck You" and grab a couple of beers and deploy the emergency slide. 

I believe this is my favorite card by Erin Smith Art.  

inside:  blank

5” x 7” recycled paper & printed in USA

Holy Crap cards

Complimentary Envelope Included