SALE! Outdoor Blue Bird Birdhouse With Carved Owl design

SALE! Outdoor Blue Bird Birdhouse With Carved Owl design

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Beautiful nature inspired eastern bluebird house, constructed of durable, renewable, 3/4in cedar, chosen for its weather resistant and superior insulation properties.

Designed with a 1-1/2in entrance, which is attractive to the Eastern Bluebird and not other birds. Removable front screw to open the front panel for checking the nesting birds, also provides quick and easy clean out. Appropriate air ventilation and drainage is provided. Fully assembled and ready to mount

Measurements - 13 in x 7 in x 6 in

Each is a unique work of art and will vary slightly. Perfectly imperfect We have the largest selection of Eclectic Garden gifts.

When you make a purchase from a small business someone (ME) does a happy dance

Makes a great gift

PLEASE NOTE: To help retain the original finish of this product, we recommend periodic application of a sealer such as clear Polyurethane if it will be left outside.

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