corrugated metal ribbon with the saying "Be Mine"
Be Mine metal ribbon sign

Valentine's Day Be Mine Bendable Ribbon

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These new bendable ribbon words will help you get your creative juice's active and ready to celebrate Valentine's Day in style . These versatile designs are a dream come true for all or use needing crafting ideas. The flexible metal backing can be easily bent/shaped for decorating wreaths, garlands, or creating a beautiful tablespace.

Each is a unique work of art and will vary slightly. We have the largest selection of Eclectic Garden gifts.
When you make a purchase from a small business someone (ME) does a happy dance

Makes a great gift

Measures : 26" X 0.6" X 6".
So if you’re looking for a gift with an extra special quality, this could be it.

PLEASE NOTE: To help retain the original finish of this product, we recommend annual application of a sealer such as clear Rust Oleum 2X if it will be left outside in the elements.

This may be shipped FedEx Home or UPS if you have a PO Box please include your street address.